Our Philosophy

Derek’s Philosophy is this: People make decisions, but they never intentionally set out to make wrong decisions!

At the time they need to make some initial choices concerning the way forward they might not have all the data necessary to make the correct decision.

The different stages of a project can be:


It is very common for a number of different people to make a particular decision as a project moves from concept through to the manufacturing stage.

Where are you now?
What equipment do you have? Or what equipment do you actually need?

Selection of Flame brazing equipment

All flame brazing processes and equipment lies somewhere on the simple complexity scale between  0-10. ie:

0…….simple manual flame process using a hand held torch
1…….simple bench mounted flames
2-3….simple small shuttle brazing machines.
4-5….more complex small shuttle machines
6-8….more complex rotary or in-line machines
8-10…extremely complex automatic machines

Readers can be certain that the flame brazing process that they are currently using will lie somewhere on the above scale.  If they are seeking to improve the existing process they will be looking to achieve one of for the following objectives.

  • Improve Productivity
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve quality
  • Increase output
  • De-skill operation

If you have a new project where you believe that flame-brazing might be the way forward then you will need some flame process equipment…………but want best meets your requirements?

In either case Flame Brazing Services will be able to help you!

Today, with the use of digital photography and e-mail, it is very easy for Flame Brazing Services to make an initial assessment of your needs. Our wide experience of flame brazing allows us to undertake an initial ‘audit’ of your current procedures with you only incurring the cost of sending the data to us!

We look forward to discussing your requirments

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