Technical Papers

Brazing of aluminium can broadly be classified into two main areas.

  • Brazing in an enclosure i.e. Furnace brazing either in a Vacuum furnace (without flux) or Controlled Atmosphere Brazing CAB (with flux)
  • In-air brazing i.e. brazing with a flux in open air by Flame or Induction
  • What is common to all these processes is the need to understand the technical detail of each type of application method and importance of collecting process data and then learn how to read the data.

The author has been involved in flame brazing aluminum since 1991 and delivered many theoretical, practical training sessions, plus troubleshooting on many different flames brazing applications’…..on various complexity of machine designs from many different “flame brazing equipment manufacturers” around the world.

During which I have been asked many time “what are the most common problems associated with flame brazing?” ………my answer is also the same……PEOPLE…… first not fully understanding the basic rules and then not knowing how to apply them to their application.