Brazing Aluminium

Manually Flame Brazing Aluminium Brackets to a Oil Cooler.

  • Al/Si 4047 filler manually applied
  • Manually applying corrosive flux
  • Atmospheric propane/air torch
  • Post wash required to remove corrosive flux residue

Manually Flame Brazing Aluminium Brackets to a Oil Cooler

  • Zn/Al 78/22 Channel Flux
  • No manual appliaction of flux as it is incorporated within the channel flux design
  • Atmospheric propane/air torch
  • No post wash required as flux is non-corrosive

Manually Flame Brazing Aluminium to Copper

  • Special Propane/Atmospheric air curved burner
  • 1st component using Zn/Al 98/2flux cored wire – manually feeds wire
  • 2nd Component using Zn/Al 78/22 channel flux  manually feeding wire
  • 3rd Component using Zn/Al 78/22 channel flux in ring form